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You have a salsa-event you want to promote and distribute through Take the opportunity to contact us and we will come back to you latest within 48 hours.

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1) Ticketsales and Marketing

Get a higher online-attention and increase your ticket-sales by reaching our customers, the salsa-community. Take advantage of our simple but effective Ticketsales System. Create individual campaigns with us for your event. Take advantage of our partnerships to other regional and country wide websites. We will list the details of your event in our website. We release news related to your event in our news-listing

Your event will be listed in our newsletter. Special placement or prioritisation in our newsletter is possible.

2) Reports

After reconsulting you have the possibility to receive an official report about your event published on

3) Ticketservice:

After reconsulting we can take over the complete online-Ticket sales for your event.

Contact us to discuss any further Queries or details.We will come back to you latest within 48 hours.
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