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How does the partner programm of work?

You integrate free of charge the complete or selected parts of it or just our logo on your website and you will receive for each closed order via your website a comission per sold ticket. It's as easy like that !

The programm is open to all kind of salsa-websites, salsa-organizers, salsa-instructors, salsa- and latinamerica oriented travel agencies as well as latinamerica orientied other agencies and many more. Based on the module concept your customers can shop via your website without leaving it and still participate at the BESITOS programm. The integration of the ticket-module will be done based on your existing webdesign and you can place it where you prefer. For each closed order via your website you will get a provision.

Per accounting period you will receive exact statistics over all tickets which where sold via your website.

If you don't have a website but still would like to participate to our partner programm and selling tickets - please contact us. We will discuss with you the possible options for cooperation.

Our actual salsa-tickets-web-partners are:

Websites Tanzschulen




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